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Friend's Only!

Comment to be added.

This is my personal journal, where I flail about the social network, bandom, fic, pretty boys and memes, spam your flist with pictures, and talk about my rl, maybe. 

I like having new friends, so yeah. :D

If you're looking for my recs journal, they've been moved to bea_recs . This is for star trek, bandom, the social network, etc.

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I thought you'd have to go friends only at some point, and always thought i should introduce myself but could never work up the nerve. Well now i will! I started using your rec lists way back in the naruto stages, and then as i moved back into bandom, you moved as well! Your recs are where i seem to spend all my time of the internet, so i would appreciate it if you could add me! Thank you!

Wow, Naruto! That was such a long time ago ^_^

I do have a lot of fandoms haha! IANTO!!!!!

^_^ My bandom recs have been moved to xbeax, since I didn't want to keep spamming my flist and stuff. :D You should definitely keep an eye on it, since I'm going to be reccing a lot of new fics :D

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