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Friend's Only!

Comment to be added.

This is my personal journal, where I flail about the social network, bandom, fic, pretty boys and memes, spam your flist with pictures, and talk about my rl, maybe. 

I like having new friends, so yeah. :D

If you're looking for my recs journal, they've been moved to bea_recs . This is for star trek, bandom, the social network, etc.


Please to be adding. I flail like a good'un too. :)



<3333333 I want that fic so hard haha.

Or at least some making out. haha. <3333


Your picspam made my day xD
Addddd? Pwease?

(Deleted comment)
Awesome awesome! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I added you, I love new friends. :D

Hi! I just discovered bandom a few weeks ago and I've been lurking your recs ever since. Friend?

Hello! Will you be my friend? :) I would love to take a look at your K/S rec list. ^^


If you're looking for my K/S recs, they've been moved to my dreamwidth account.

Here's the link ^^

Hey, adding you from over at failboatsinlove, hope that's ok?

:D I love new friends~!

Sure! :D I love your Bden icon <3

I really do love bandom and anime, so I think we and our squee posts would get along well. Friend? :D

Hey, I love your rec lists and I am all about the fangirl spamming with pictures and squee :D

Would love to be added to your friends list!!


Hi #waves# I found you're journal via an xmenfc anon meme and was wondering if I could friend you?
With thanks,
vickie_08 xoxox

Hi, I recently remembered browsing ur fabulous Light/L rec list some time bk and I was so excited to come bk and see that you've got like a whole lot of fic recs of fandoms I love! :D So, for the sake of my fic-crazy heart, would you like to be friends? :D

thank you

:D!! I would love to be friends with you! :)


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