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Enter, if you dare...

My journal

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Friend's Only!

Comment to be added.

This is my personal journal, where I flail about the social network, bandom, fic, pretty boys and memes, spam your flist with pictures, and talk about my rl, maybe. 

I like having new friends, so yeah. :D

If you're looking for my recs journal, they've been moved to bea_recs . This is for star trek, bandom, the social network, etc.

add me please!!! The best way to find the best fics is through you.


^_^ My recs have been moved to another journal, bea_recs. I totally forgot to edit this post and add the journal name, sorry! ^_^

hey, add me, your rec have all the best fics. please =]

Hi hi!

^_^;; If you're here for my recs, I moved them all to bea_recs, since I'll probably rec a lot from now on and I didn't want to spam my F-list. :D

They're unlocked too, so :D

add me please, your rec lists have all the best stories! 8]


:D I forgot to edit this post hehe, sorry!

All of my bandom recs have been moved to bea_recs, which is where I'll post my recs from now on. ^_^ (Since I didn't want to spam my flist who were just my friends for the recs with personal stuff xD)

I thought you'd have to go friends only at some point, and always thought i should introduce myself but could never work up the nerve. Well now i will! I started using your rec lists way back in the naruto stages, and then as i moved back into bandom, you moved as well! Your recs are where i seem to spend all my time of the internet, so i would appreciate it if you could add me! Thank you!

Wow, Naruto! That was such a long time ago ^_^

I do have a lot of fandoms haha! IANTO!!!!!

^_^ My bandom recs have been moved to xbeax, since I didn't want to keep spamming my flist and stuff. :D You should definitely keep an eye on it, since I'm going to be reccing a lot of new fics :D

:D If you're here for my recs, they've been moved to bea_recs. Sorry, I totally forgot to edit this post ^_^;;

Hey, I was looking at a rec list of yours and accidentally reloaded the page, and now it's locked. Add please?

I totally forgot to edit this post D:

All of my recs have been moved to bea_recs ^^;; and they're unlocked, enjoy!

uhm uhm uhm
you're awesome
and we have PANIC and KINGDOM HEARTS in common~
ngl i flailed when i noticed D:
plus your icon if ryan in his glasses makes my heart implode~


Yes, of course~! Yay, a Kingdom hearts fan~! I love that video game, for serious. Before Bandom, I was all about KH and FF yaoi ahaha. ^_^

I hope we can get to know each other better~!

I know right? Now I have the urge to read fic where Ryan is either a teacher or a novelist haha

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Aww, thanks! I've added you. :)

Well hey there.
I think we would get along just fine with our bandom flailing. =]]]
I would love to be your friend!


I love to have new friends! :)

I found you through your recs, but you seem like a really awesome person, so is it cool if I add you?

I need more bandom flailing and nice people on my f-list :)


Friended! I love meeting new people haha.

Would you mind adding me? I adore bandom and I was just hoping...

Your icon! <3

Friended you! :)

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(Deleted comment)


I haven't caught up with the manga yet :( But I read the latest chapter because someone in my flist was flailing over Yondaime's appearance and I was like 'OMG I LOVE MINATO! MUST READ IT!'



(Deleted comment)
Hi fellow bandom flailer! You seem kinda awesome, I hope you dont mind adding? That'd be lovely (:

:D Awesome! I don't mind, I love having new friends who I can flail with about bandom. :P

Hey id love to have my flist spammed with your flail haha. Wanna be fwends? Im gonna add your recs journal as well. So please add me there as well thanks.