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Friend's Only!

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This is my personal journal, where I flail about the social network, bandom, fic, pretty boys and memes, spam your flist with pictures, and talk about my rl, maybe. 

I like having new friends, so yeah. :D

If you're looking for my recs journal, they've been moved to bea_recs . This is for star trek, bandom, the social network, etc.

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NaruSasu. I'll read SasuNaru cause it's more common, but I prefer NaruSasu.

Do a search for 440 spoilers and you'll find it. It'll be a forum thread so there'll be bs there but there are pics and rough translations. The full English translation will probably be up on onemanga.com by Friday as normal.

Hi, Koshimoto Masashi? You're a genius...

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